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I just started to go to the gym.

Yesterday, I finally got a membership at Megalos (is the biggest sport gym in Kichijoji.) I was really looking forward to burning some calories there, but unfortunately, they were full of people so I couldn't workout as much as I had planned. There are only 5 lanes in their pool and it looks like just a big bathtub because of the surface was tiles. It was hard to swim in a straight line. I had never swum such pool like bathtub in my long swimming life.
It was the worst swimming pool that I've ever been in. It really upset me so already I don't want to go there anymore. The price was pretty cheap because the gym launched a campaign of membership, but I do think they should be care about the balance between the number of members and place's capacity.
Anyway, I need to find a good way toget in shape...

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